Since 1989, Layout Ltd. has been a leader in desktop publishing software development. Through the years, Layout has achieved a reputation of being a solution-oriented company, emphasizing on the development and adaptation of systems and software for the international market. Specialized in vertical markets, Layout particularly emphasizes on the prepress and print production management markets, as it provides publishers with highly needed and customizable solutions on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. With diligence and proactive thinking, Layout is at the forefront of technology. It maintains its leadership with a rich product line ranging from non-Latin language-support applications to professional prepress and printing solutions. Layout's mission is to enrich the DTP industry with the latest technological software innovations and to respond to the most demanding publishing needs for flexible solutions.

In 1992, Layout became a QuarkXPress XTensions developer. Layout has developed an Arabic solution for QuarkXPress and was appointed “QuarkXPress Distributor for the Middle East” in 1993. Three years later, Layout became QuarkXPress' Publishing System Integrator for the Middle East.
Today, Layout continues to build a strong reputation for being a solution-oriented company. Layout has expanded its activities to become not only a developer of desktop publishing software, but also a provider of workflow solutions for industries.


Goals & Motivation

We make every effort to continuously improve by learning from past experiences and expecting future needs. Our inspiration comes from knowing that the quality we produce directly affects our clients’ success. 

Vision & Standards

We strive to be recognized by our clients and competitors as the most trusted provider, developer and integrator of advanced software and solutions in the printing and publishing industries.

Our products are superior quality – We deliver excellence and dedicate time to satisfying our customers. 

Core Values

We maintain the highest standards of customer care. We listen to our clients’ requests and design ways to exceed their expectations.  

As we grow, so does our need to analyze and refine our processes. While we make changes to stay up-to-date in a competitive marketplace, we make sure that quality, efficiency, unity, teamwork and integrity remain in every aspect of our Company.

Guiding Principles

Creativity is a powerful force in the software industry. We are always open to exploring new ideas and applying resources. Our future success depends on creativity, continuous learning and quality at every stage of what we do. 

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